Rural Sheds Canberra

Rural Farm Sheds Canberra

Totalspan Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) has a range of open bay farm sheds. These sheds are popular due to the ease of access and ability to fit and store everything from hay to machinery.  We will custom design a building to suit your requirements.


If you are looking for a barn Totalspan Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) has practical and affordable sheds. Totalspans Aussie Style Barn Sheds have great street appeal and are very versatile. Barns can be custom designed to your specifications.

Machinery Sheds

If you are on the land and need to secure or protect your farm machinery Totalspan  Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) can design large sheds to suit your requirements. Steel buildings can be configured with multiple bays of varying sizes, bays can be enclosed or open. Totalspan can allow for heights up to 7.5 and clear spans of 30m. Gable end machinery sheds are another option available and offer excellent clearance for the biggest of machines.

Hay Sheds

Storing hay and protecting it from the elements is crucial. Totalspan Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) will design you a rural structure to maximise your storage capacity. Totalspan has multitude of options and combinations, open or closed bays, extra height, wider bays or an attached workshop.

Horse Stables Buildings

Totalspan Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) can design steel sheds and shelters to suit your horse or livestock needs. Shelters or stables can be combined with storage offering complete flexibility. Totalspans range of farm buildings offer great value and durability to withstand Australia’s tough environment.

Horse Arenas

Totalspan Canberra (Sheds Shade and Turf) can design an equestrian structure or cover for private usage, pony clubs and riding schools right up to international standard dressage arenas – 60m x 20m.

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Totalspan Canberra is a local company and is proud of the reputation we uphold in our region.

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